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Russian-German Bioeconomy and Biomedicine Forum took place on November 15-18th, 2015 in Moscow Region Russian-German Bioeconomy and Biomedicine Forum took place on November 15-18th, 2015 in Moscow Region

Russian-German Bioeconomy and Biomedicine Forum took place on November 15-18th, 2015 in Moscow Region. The main purpose of the forum is to expand cooperation between Russia and Germany in the field of industrial biotechnology and biomedicine.

The forum was organized by the Institute of theoretical and experimental biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Puschino Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region Development Corporation with the support of the Ministry of investments and innovations of Moscow Region, German Embassy in Moscow, German house of research and innovations, Puschino city Administration.

The main goals of the Forum are:

• exchange of experiences concerning implementation of scientific biotechnology projects into manufacturing industry;
establishing and developing cooperation between scientists and representatives of russian and german businesses;
forming the platform for joint projects development in the fields of biotechnology, creating the opportunities for commercialization of applied research results;
developing the bilateral cooperation in the field of education and training of personnel.

Business program of the Forum included presentations of the biotechnology companies of science cities of Puschino and Chernogolovka - the members of "Innovational Biotechnological Cluster "Puschino", presentations of russian and german companies at the Forum's sessions "Bioeconomy", "Biomedicine", "Biotechnologies in the field of environmental protection".

The first day of the Russian-German Forum "Bioeconomy and Biomedicine" took place in the science city of Puschino in Moscow Region. On November 17th, 2015 - the second day of the forum took place at the Embassy of Germany in Moscow and was marked by the signing of the agreement on cooperation between German Biotechnology Cluster CLIB2021 and Moscow Region Development Corporation, the Management company of the "Innovational Biotechnological Cluster "Puschino".

"Cooperation will be established within many key directions among which are scientific researches, inventions, organization of joint venture enterprisers on the territory of Moscow Region. It is important that the first step is done here in the city of Puschino in Moscow Region, - says Alexander Komarov, Head of the cluster development center, Moscow Region Development Corporation.

Anatoly Miroshnikov, the Head of Puschino scientific center of Russian Academy of Sciences and academician says: "Innovational Biotechnological Cluster "Puschino" consists of more than 70 organizations including research institutions, medium-sized companies and start-ups in the field of biotechnology. The Cluster was established two years ago on the platform of the scientific universities, the biotechnology organizations of the city of Puschino and the Institutes of scientific centers in the city of Chernogolovka.

Manfred Kircher, Chairman of the Advisory board of the German Biotechnological Cluster CLIB2021 has led the German Delegation at the Forum. The delegation has met with the scientists, CEO's of the Innovational Biotechnological cluster "Puschino" enterprisers. Among the participants of the forum were the representatives of the German biotechnology companies and industries, as well as the representatives of the Germany Federal Lands.

Informational remark: German Biotechnology Cluster CLIB2021 (www.CLIB2021.de/en) comprises of more than 100 companies - representatives of industrial sectors, small and medium-sized businesses, scientists and investors from Europe, Russia, North America, China and South-East Asia.

Moscow Region Development Corporation Press Department

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